THE Best Two-Bowling Ball Backpack

KR Strikeforce Royal Flush Deuce 2 Ball Backpack Black/Red

I’ll be honest here. This is THE best two bowling ball backpack because it is the only one of its kind! But I’ll be also honest that it is a pretty decent backpack. I live in a two flat with a bunch of stairs and winding paths to get to my car. A rolling tote is just as heavy, if not more so, to carry than a non rolling tote. Because of the rocky paths and and maze of urban sprawl to maneuver around, the backpack is a more practical choice than a rolling tote.


  • Two bowling ball capacity (you could theoretically load in a third ball, but I highly discourage it, even thought it’s been done in a pinch.
  • Side zipper pockets  and mesh water bottle pockets
  • Top strap to distribute the load higher on your back
  • A great grab handle as part of the strap. I think all backpacks should/could have this
  • 2 organizing pockets in the front.


  • The bag is great for bringing two balls, some accessories, and shoes. This is definitely my practice companion.
  • It’s a great combo with a 3 ball roller to easily carry 5 balls to a tournament
  • It is thoughtfully designed.
  • The grab top strap that is attached to the main strap is pretty amazing. It’s easy to grab, and gives you good leverage when moving the bag.


  • With two bowling balls in the bag, the side pockets are mostly useless, the balls just take up any capacity that those pockets might have been able to hold. I do carry flat items in them though, like shoe soles, small towels, etc. Anything flat, thin, small, or fairly flexible.
  • The main straps seem a bit thin. I use it weekly, so I will give an update on how this holds up.
  • It can be difficult to load/unload a fully loaded backpack on your back. Be careful here
  • The water bottle mesh pockets are also somewhat unusable when the bag has two bowling balls in it, but it is a nice place to see thru to what you’re carrying.
  • I wish it had a front strap to distribute weight
  • I wish it had side straps to help lift/maneuver the back, 
  • I dont like that the only option for it is a black bag with some red trim. It looks fine on it’s own, but doesn’t really match the aesthetic i want.There is a rare cool looking Hammer Version floating around. I continue to scour ebay until someone lists it for sale.


This is a great backpack, especially for practice sessions. A few additional features would probably make this the perfect bag. I use this every time I bowl.

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