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Title: The Two Essential Shots in Bowling: Mastering the Strike and the 10-Pin Shot

As a long-time bowler, one thing I’ve learned over the years is that not all bowling shots are created equal. There are two shots, in particular, that can make or break your game: the Strike Shot and the 10-pin shot. It’s like they’re the two key ingredients in a recipe that gets you that delicious taste of victory. So, grab your bowling balls, and let’s dive into what makes these shots so crucial.

The Strike Shot

First off, let’s talk about the ‘Strike Shot’. The magic of bowling, the crème de la crème of shots if you will. There’s no feeling quite like watching all ten pins fall in a single throw. It’s a moment of sheer exhilaration, a testament to your precision and power. This is your big point scorer and it’s undoubtedly the shot that gets the crowd going.

The trick with a Strike-Shot is all about finding your pocket. That sweet spot between the 1 and 3 pins for right-handers, or the 1 and 2 pins for left-handers. I remember my first-ever strike shot. My heart was racing as the ball left my hands, and the moment all the pins went down, I couldn’t help but raise my arms in victory. It was a moment I’ll never forget and made me fall in love with the game even more. 

The 10-pin shot

Then we’ve got the ’10-pin shot’. Often seen as the nemesis of many bowlers, it’s like the final boss at the end of a video game. To knock down the last standing pin on the far right or left is a true test of your accuracy and control. It may not have the same grandeur as a strike, but believe me, the satisfaction it brings is just as great.

As a bowler, you can’t ignore the 10-pin shot. It’s what turns a good game into a great one. Over the years, I’ve had countless battles with that stubborn 10-pin. I’ve missed more times than I’d like to admit, but each time I managed to knock it down, it felt like a personal victory. It’s the shot that makes you grow as a bowler.

To all aspiring bowlers out there, remember that the combination of the strike and the 10-pin shot will elevate your game. It’s not just about power, but also precision. It’s like a dance, a balance between force and finesse. When you’ve mastered these two shots, you’re not just playing the game, you’re commanding it. 

The ten-pin shot could be something you practice by relaxing your hand and using less hook. Or you can use a plastic spare ball that eliminates a lot of hook. Another option is to throw the ball with more speed.

What about all the other pins?!

For these my friend, you can keep hitting the same target that you hit with your strike or 10-pin shot, but shift your feet to the right (left if a lefty) by 3 boards for the pins right next to it (6-pin or 2 and 5 pins). Move by 6 boards for the pins in the next row (3 and 9 pins, or 4 and 8 pins). Move by about 10 boards if you’re going to hit the 7-pin off the strike ball. Anything in the middle use your strike ball.

It is important to be able to hit the same mark wherever your feet are for this to work. But that would be the case no matter what approach you use.


If you have these two shots down, and a plan to adjust for the other pins, you can pretty much nail any condition. Keep practicing more advanced and precise techniques so you won’t have to rely on a bowlhack like this one.

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