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The Crucial Role of Coaching in Bowling: A Game-Changer for Every Bowler

Bowling, often seen as a leisurely pastime, is also a highly technical and competitive sport that demands precision, consistency, and strategic thinking. Whether you’re a casual enthusiast looking to improve your game or a professional aiming for perfection, the value of coaching in bowling cannot be overstated. Here’s why even the pros consider coaching an indispensable part of their success and how a little investment in coaching can significantly enhance your performance.

I’ve had a number of premium coaching sessions over my amateur career as a league bowler. I had a session with Fred Borden, Bill Spigner, and Mark Bakers Two-hand-bowing camp. Each of these far exceeded the money i invested into them, and I have scored my highest scores ever even just one week after the session! (unfortunately I always regress and need more coaching again!)

A Fresh Perspective: The Power of an Extra Set of Eyes

One of the most immediate benefits of working with a coach is gaining an external, objective perspective on your game. When you bowl, your focus is on your technique, the pins, and the immediate result of your throw. However, what you may not see are the subtle nuances and patterns that could be affecting your performance. Coaches offer that crucial outside view, identifying issues that you might overlook, from minor adjustments in your stance to timing and release. This external feedback is invaluable for making precise corrections and improvements.

A Toolbox at Your Disposal: Techniques and Strategies

Coaches bring with them a vast repertoire of techniques and strategies honed over years of experience and study. They possess a deep understanding of the mechanics of bowling, including the physics of ball motion, lane conditions, and the mental game. This knowledge allows them to tailor their advice specifically to your needs, providing you with a set of tools and techniques that can help overcome challenges and leverage your strengths. With a coach, you’re not just learning how to bowl better; you’re learning how to adapt and thrive under varying conditions.

Accelerated Learning Curve: Bypassing Trial and Error

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to seek coaching is the opportunity to fast-track your improvement. Coaches have already walked the path you’re on, faced the challenges, and found solutions. By tapping into their years of experience, you can avoid common pitfalls and unnecessary trial and error. This guidance can significantly shorten the learning curve, allowing you to achieve your goals much quicker than going it alone. 

The Investment That Pays Off

Investing in coaching might seem like a luxury, but when you consider the accelerated progress and the quality of the insights you gain, it’s clear that it’s a wise investment in your development as a bowler. Even a few sessions can make a notable difference in your approach, mindset, and performance. For professionals, where the margin between victory and defeat can be incredibly slim, coaching is not just beneficial; it’s essential.

Everyone Needs a Coach

The misconception that coaching is only for beginners or those struggling with their game is far from the truth. Even at the pinnacle of professional bowling, athletes work closely with coaches to maintain their edge, refine their technique, and stay adaptable. This continuous pursuit of excellence, guided by expert coaching, is what separates the good from the great.


In bowling, as in many other sports and disciplines, the importance of coaching cannot be overstated. A coach provides invaluable insights, a wealth of knowledge, and a fresh perspective that can drastically change how you approach the game. Whether you’re just starting out or have been bowling for years, a little investment in coaching can go a long way toward enhancing your performance and enjoyment of the sport. Remember, in the quest for bowling excellence, a coach is not just a luxury but a pivotal component of your journey.

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