The Time I met Jason Belmonte in the Wild

“What a dork!” I thought. I was pulling out of a parking spot at Chicago O’hare airport. It was by the Car Rantal parking lot. I saw a man standing there with about 10 3 ball rollers in front of him. As I was backing out I did a double take. I rolled down the window. “ARE YOU GOING TO A BOWLING TOURNAMENT???”. He gave a passive nod…………. then I thought for a minute “ARE YOU JASON BELMONTE?!?!!?”. Jason gave a resigned nod.

I almost forgot to put my car in Park and jumped out of the car. I was super star-struck. He was waiting for his friend to get the car rental. It was winter in Chicago with a 20 below wind-chill so I knew we wouldn’t be able to hang out long and talk. Too soon his friend had come and we proceeded load up the car with their bags. I actually had my bowling ball in the trunk for a possible autograph, but didn’t have a sharpie with me. From now on i always have a sharpie near me because of this day.

He said he’d offer me a bowling ball if he didn’t need them all for the tournament. I’m sure he says that to everybody lol. If only maybe i bumped into him on his way home instead. Jason was really friendly and had some jokes in that short time. At least i have this selfie.

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