Should you Bowl Two Handed as a Beginner?


Picture this: you’re standing at the edge of the bowling alley, shiny shoes firmly planted, ball in hand, and a sense of excitement mixed with a tinge of apprehension coursing through your veins. As a beginner, starting on the thrilling journey of bowling, you’re faced with a captivating question that has both intrigued and amused many aspiring bowlers: should you take the plunge and embrace the newer realm of two-handed bowling?

Switching to two-handed bowling might just be the secret ingredient that adds a dash of novelty to your bowling repertoire. It’s like ordering a side of fries with your main course – unexpected, yet undeniably satisfying. Plus, it’s a surefire way to stand out among your friends and leave them wondering, “Who knew they had hidden bowling superpowers?”

However, as with any unconventional choice, there are bound to be some challenges along the way. Mastering the art of two-handed bowling requires dedication, practice, and a unique blend of coordination and finesse. You might feel like a clumsy jellyfish on an ice rink initially, but remember, every journey begins with a wobbly first step.

Remember, bowling is meant to be fun, and exploring different styles can be an exhilarating way to spice up your bowling game. So, buckle up, polish those balls, and let’s set off on a two-handed bowling escapade that will leave your fellow bowlers in awe and your funny bone tickled along the way. Get ready to double your excitement, double your enthusiasm, and, who knows, maybe even double your strikes!

Let’s roll!

My Two-handed Journey

I never thought I’d be a bowler when I was a kid. The only reason I tried bowling was my dad was in a league, and he had to bring me along. I loved playing arcade games for a quarter….but I was terrible at them, so one quarter would turn into twenty before long. My dad limited me to 4 quarters and told me if I didn’t want to be bored, I could go bowl. 

Fast forward a few years and I bowled for my Church Tournaments and Leagues as well as High School Competitions. I used one of these Bionic braces that locked my wrist in a specific strong position, but honestly, I still didn’t have much more hook or revolutions than I did without it. 

Then I saw Belmonte on TV, I was bedazzled. I started trying it out and LOVED the revs and hook I could finally get into the ball after decades of sucking. COVID hit the scene, and once the bowling alleys re-opened, I decided to go all in before the leagues and tournaments spun up again.

A History of Two-Handed Bowling: Pioneers and Trailblazers

When we talk about two-handed bowling, we can’t overlook the trailblazers who revolutionized the sport and paved the way for its popularity today. One name that stands out prominently is Jason Belmonte, an Australian professional bowler who redefined the game with his unique two-handed technique. Since bursting onto the scene in the mid-2000s, Belmonte has become an icon, dominating the lanes and inspiring countless bowlers to follow in his footsteps. His unprecedented success, coupled with his charismatic personality, has propelled two-handed bowling into the spotlight.

But the story of two-handed bowling doesn’t stop with Belmonte. Another name that deserves recognition is Osku Palermaa, a Finnish bowler who made significant contributions to the technique’s development. Palermaa’s smooth and controlled approach showcased the finesse and versatility that two-handed bowling can offer. His dedication to perfecting his craft, along with his notable achievements, solidified his status as a prominent figure in the history of the sport.

In recent years, a seismic shift has been witnessed in the bowling alleys across the globe. The once-dominant single-handed bowling style has faced a formidable challenger in the form of two-handed bowling, and its rise to popularity shows no signs of slowing down. So, what’s behind this trend? The answer lies in the enthusiasm and ingenuity of young bowlers. As a new generation takes to the lanes, they bring with them a fresh perspective and a willingness to experiment. These young bowlers have embraced the two-handed technique, drawn to its dynamic nature and the advantages it offers. With the ability to generate impressive power, accuracy, and revolutions, two-handed bowling has become a game-changer for aspiring bowlers who are eager to push boundaries and make their mark. 

Advantages of Two-Handed bowling

More Revolutions: Amplifying the Spin for Maximum Impact

Revolutions on the ball are like the secret ingredient that can transform an ordinary shot into an extraordinary one. Two-handed bowlers have a distinct advantage in this aspect, as the technique inherently facilitates generating more revolutions. By using both hands to control the ball, bowlers can apply increased rotational force, resulting in a higher spin rate. These additional revolutions translate into increased pin action, as the ball hooks and drives through the pin deck with enhanced power. We’ll explore the mechanics behind generating revolutions in two-handed bowling and share tips to help you unlock this game-changing advantage.

Accelerated Progression to Advanced Techniques

Imagine accelerating through the ranks of bowling, swiftly reaching an advanced stage of the game that might have taken years to achieve using traditional techniques. This is one of the remarkable advantages that two-handed bowling offers—a pathway to fast progress and the ability to master advanced techniques more rapidly. In this section, we will explore how two-handed bowling propels bowlers forward, expediting their journey toward proficiency and enabling them to embrace the complexities of the game with greater ease.

Thumb Issues No More

Two-handed bowling offers a high degree of customization and adaptability when it comes to ball fit. Without the constraint of the thumb, bowlers can explore various drilling options and tailor the fit to their individual needs. Whether it’s adjusting finger hole sizes, pitches, or spans, the ability to customize the fit enhances comfort, control, and overall performance. Bowlers with unique hand shapes or sizes can find solace in two-handed bowling, as they no longer need to struggle with finding the perfect thumb fit. We’ll delve into the realm of customization, providing insights and guidance to help you optimize the fit of your bowling ball and enhance your two-handed bowling experience.

With two-handed bowling, the frustrations of thumb problems become a thing of the past. The advantages of the thumbless empower bowlers to focus on their technique, freeing them from the limitations and discomfort associated with thumb-related challenges. Stay tuned as we explore the intricacies of the thumbless grip and offer valuable advice on customization, allowing you to unlock a new level of comfort, consistency, and enjoyment on the lanes. Say goodbye to thumb problems and hello to the liberating world of two-handed bowling!


So, dear beginner, are you ready to grab your bowling balls with both hands and embark on a playful yet daring adventure? In this blog post, we’ll explore the pros and cons, dispel some myths, and help you decide whether two-handed bowling is the strike-sational choice you’ve been searching for.

Remember, bowling is meant to be fun, and exploring different styles can be an exhilarating way to spice up your bowling game. So, buckle up, polish those balls, and let’s set off on a two-handed bowling escapade that will leave your fellow bowlers in awe and your funny bone tickled along the way. Get ready to double your excitement, double your enthusiasm, and, who knows, maybe even double your strikes!

As for myself, I have a lot more hooking power on the lanes. I also have advanced to a new tier of understanding regarding the lanes and the results that only a powerful hooking ball can accomplish. And maybe the most important….it’s damn fun to see that ball careen all over the lanes!

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