Kpop and Bowling? Choreography for Success

I was watching a youtube where Lisa and Jennie from Black pink were bowling. It’s really interesting because it looks like it’s one of the first times that they ever bowl. The really interesting part, is that they have someone coach them for the first few minutes of the video.

They begin to bowl, and wow, they are pretty good. They looked poised and balanced in their approach. They also looked beautiful, and bowling looked just like a dance. That’s it! They had learned bowling through choreography. They had learned the exact body positions needed to have a balanced bowling release.

I realize, that they really paid attention to the coaching session.They mimicked the coach’s body movements, while adding their own little flair. What they ended up with was a beautiful approach that was balanced and effective. This might be an interesting strategy to try to learn bowling. Think of it like a dance, where you have to achieve certain positions at certain points.

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