Brunswick HK22 Hyperkinetic Bowling Balls

What is HK-22? In the past Brunswick bowling balls and all of their subsidiary company’s balls were considered slow hooking and old-school. 

The HK-22 coverstock is a reactive coverstock that is designed to provide a balance of length and backend reaction. It features a new nano-microcellular phase separation technology that enhances the color and clarity of the cover, while also reducing intermolecular friction to improve the ball’s interaction with the lane. This results in a ball that provides easy length and a strong, responsive backend reaction.

Here are some of the benefits of the HK-22 coverstock:

Easy length, clean through the front: 

The HK-22 coverstock provides easy length, which allows bowlers to get the ball to the pocket with more consistency. Coming cleaner through the fronts allows the ball to get farther down the lane without burning up energy.

Strong, responsive backend reaction: 

The HK-22 coverstock provides a strong, responsive backend reaction, which helps bowlers create more pin carry. This is especially true since it has more energy conserved for the back-end of the lane. More Snap can equal more strikes.

Reduced intermolecular friction: 

The HK-22 coverstock reduces intermolecular friction, which improves the ball’s interaction with the lane.

Overall, the HK-22 coverstock is a great option for bowlers looking for a ball that provides easy length and a strong, responsive backend reaction. It is a good choice for bowlers who bowl on a variety of lane conditions, including medium to heavy oil.

Here are some of the bowling balls that feature the HK-22 coverstock:

  • Brunswick Defender Hybrid
  • Columbia 300 Top Speed
  • Columbia 300 Cuda Pearl
  • DV8 Brutal Collision
  • Ebonite Envision Pearl
  • Ebonite Emerge
  • Ebonite Game Breaker 4 Hybrid
  • Hammer 3D Offset Attack
  • Hammer Black Widow Hybrid
  • Hammer Dark Web Hybrid
  • Radical Bigfoot Hybrid
  • Radical Crypto Boom
  • Radical Katana Assault
  • Track Tundra Fire

These are just a few of the many bowling balls that feature the HK-22 coverstock. If you are lf you’ve loved Brunswick Brand balls in the past but abandoned them because they were too dull, you will definitely be in for a treat!

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