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Tips to Learning to Curve a Bowling Ball

Sometimes an uncool sport needs something cool you do in it. That’s what ‘curving’ the ball is. Although the better players tend to call it hooking the ball. Here are some techniques you can use to learn to get some more curve into your ball.

Start with a lighter ball

With a lighter ball, you don’t need much hand strength to hold on to the ball. The heavier the bowling ball, the more grip or proper-fit needed to hold on to it.

Try two fingers only in the ball

This is the starting point of two handed bowling. With a lighter ball though, you can find something with smaller holes and lower weight. 

Practice just dropping the ball with fingers exiting last

Rest the ball on your hand so your hand is right underneath it. Now slowly let your hand bend downward until the ball rolls off your fingers. The ball will rotate or spin toward the ground. You have just achieved about 200rpms, which puts you ahead of 75% of the worlds bowling percentile.

Practice just dropping the ball like a yoyo

Let the ball roll off your hand straight down with a yoyo motion. Make sure the thumb comes out of the ball quickly if you are a one hander, and then the weight shifts over to the fingers. Now learn to do a faster uncupping of the hand. This is called the yoyo release. This gets you to about 300rpms. Congratulations! 


Purchase a Urethane or Reactive Resin bowling ball from your local pro-shop. This will have more potential for hook. But remember, to have some hook, you need more than 0 rpms on the ball. Because we all remember 0 times anything is zero! A properly fitted ball could be the difference between 100-200 rpms!

Ask someone with a good hook directly to teach you.

Most of the time, bowlers don’t help each other learn this skill. The reason isn’t really selfishness (though i suspect some of it is). The problem is trying to teach someone who isn’t really ready to be taught has been a really bad experience in their lives….so generally, they will try to avoid it.

I’m sure though there is some thought of staying better than any newbies. And a Good hook has typically been a great barrier to entry for the era before two-handed bowling.

Pay for Coaching

Yes, this one hurts in a game with already expensive gear, and that’s sort of expensive to play even just one game. But a good coach will be worth many more times the amount you pay for them. Honestly they are probably getting underpaid for the value they provide, but they continue to do this in the interest of helping other bowlers.

Copy the Pros

Once you have the basics down, start really watching professional bowlers. See what you can take or copy from each of them in order to make your game your own. 

Strengthen your arms, fingers, and wrists

Directly strength training is a way to reverse time and be able to learn super fast. I have a theory you don’t become a good bowler magically. You become a good bowler, as your muscles slightly develop each time your practice. Doing Calisthenics such as Pushups, Chinups, Crows, Handstands will overall help give you the kind of general strength you need in bowling

Create a place to practice in your home

Maybe you can find a place to throw a bowling ball into a sofa to practice your release when you’re bored at home. Being able to practice at home is invaluable. You can practice without needing to go on the lanes.

Practice your Hook

Use cameras to see what you’re doing every time. 

These are just a few ways you can learn to get a great hook with the ball. Contact me at Lewtech@gmail.com if you’re interested in learning to hook the ball. Either one or two-handed.

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